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Published on September 18th, 2015 | by Hamish


Recommended Cycling Helmets for All Heads Sizes

Best Cycling Helmet for a Big Head

Giro-Bishop-XL-HelmetGot a big head mate? Then the looking at bike helmets for big heads is what you need to look at. I tell you, that’s not an excuse to ignore the importance of wearing a helmet.

Thanks to innovation, producing a helmet for different sizes is no longer a problem, you just need to understand bike helmet sizing first. Buying a big head helmet like a large helmets and even extra-large helmets for those who want extra space are already available. Helmets for big heads size generally ranges from 57-60cm as for an extra-large helmet its size is usually 61 centimeters and above.

These sizes are also offered mostly by Giro Helmets, all you have to do is check their chart and choose your head size.

These extra-large helmets can surely provide the extra space that you need, you can try:

My pick? The Louis Garneau helmet

Best Cycling Helmet for Small Head

Giro-G10MX-HelmetSince helmets for a big head is no big deal, then why shouldn’t it be for those who have small heads. Helmets come in different sizes, so it’s easy to get a small helmet.

As mentioned, Giro Helmets come in different sizes from small to extra-large.

Giro is a trusted brand so you can actually choose from these Giro helmet models that come in different sizes.

You can check out Shiv 2, Surface S, Revolver, Encore 2, Remedy S, Omen, Seam, Chapter, G10 MX, G10, Nine.10, Women’s Sheer, Women’s Grove and Giro Women’s Decade.

With this number of models that you can choose from, having the best cycling helmet for small head is made possible.

Best Cycling Helmet for an Oval Head

Not everyone has a round head, since each and every one is unique on his or her own way. Heads come in different sizes. The head’s shape is also not exempted for some differences. For those who have oval head who like cycling, of course they have the tendency to look for the best cycling helmet for an oval head which is not impossible. Specialized bicycle helmet is actually recommended for if you have an oval shape head. Specialized Helmet is a popular brand for those who are looking for helmets that fit an oval shape head. What about you, do you have a round or an oval head?

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