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Published on November 30th, 2015 | by Hamish


Reasons to Use Fat Bike

Fat bike is a bike on a very broad and thick rubber, quite firmly entrenched in the life of cycling, and ubiquitous phenomenon ceases to be a single, although excessive astonishment in others such thick bikes still cause. And still a lot of cyclists do not understand why fat bike is needed.

Cycling does not tolerate versatility. Each goal, each soil for each riding style requires its geometry, strength characteristics, particularly attachments and fine tuning. And the problem is not that different athletes do not achieve better results, but the fact that a lot without much specificity can become impossible.

Fat bike is not a useless toy. This bike has its own characteristics that make such a monster the only option for a comfortable overcome dirt “Eighties level,” the sand dunes and covered with white snow hilly trails.
Main features of fat bike are:

  1.  It has a thick rubber. The width of the tires today reaches to 4.6 inches. Rubber does not wobble so much. The pressure varies in the range from 0.5 to 2 atmospheres.
  2.  The frame and fork are especially in this bicycle. Feathers rear triangle of the frame is curved in such a way as to accommodate the wheel with a thick rubber – the same applies to the plug. Bottom bracket relative to the axes of the wheels greatly lowered down for optimum center of gravity (mass approaching bicyclist to the ground for greater stability).
  3. Proper planting on fatbike is closed to landing the cross-country. The cyclist is not biased toward any one of the wheel axles. Ground pressure is distributed evenly and allows you to take a comfortable position as the descent and in the storming of the hill.
  4. Thick wheel steering requires a wide of 720mm. It’s the norm for bicycle wheel on fatbike.

Fat bikes can help you to get new feelings while conquering inaccessible places.

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Hi I'm Hamish, the chief writer (and rider!) around here. From six years old, receiving my first bike as a present, my love for riding started and never stopped. Now as a family man, I enjoy riding with my family and also going out with friends mountain biking and cycling. Remember one thing, choose the bike that reflects your personality and it will change your life!

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