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Published on October 22nd, 2015 | by Hamish


Cheap Bicycle Helmets

Planning on buying a cyclist’s helmet, but having second thoughts? I feel you! Been there, trust me! We are all aware that wearing a helmet is a requirement in cycling, but tend to forget about the importance of a helmet. But, why?! Its either you really don’t care about your safety or you don’t have enough budget to buy a helmet of your own. Or just maybe, you have a budget but, you are confused on what helmet is worth the amount that you are willing to spend.

That’s why we have product reviews. If you tend to buy online, you’re not only saving your energy, but you also have the chance to read reviews. Thus, you are increasing your chance of buying a product that suits your taste. Well, of course you have to be careful. Reading one review alone doesn’t help. You have to consider reading at least five reviews or more of the product that you want to purchase. Now, have you made up your mind about buying a bike riding helmet? Let me help you decide on what helmet to buy. All you have to do is continue reading this article. Yes, this article’s purpose is to help buyers decide on what cycling helmet is worth buying for. You can now also buy at authorised stores. Just remember the brand name and the features of a helmet that got stuck in your mind. If you tend to forget things easily, we got a solution for that. Print yourself a copy! Not only you have something to show to the seller, you also got yourself a souvenir that you can show to anyone who asks on what cycling helmet are you using. But of course, showing the real helmet would be better!

Best bike Helmet Under $50

Blv-bike-helmetNot everyone can afford expensive and high end helmets. But this doesn’t mean that you can no longer avail of a quality helmet. The materials used might not be the best, but there are helmets which passed the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and offer great features.

Here are the best bike helmets under 50 that you can choose from.

Bell bike helmets: Bell XLV is one of the best bell bicycle helmets that you can pick up cheaply, which only weighs 0.8lbs, haS 23 vents, snap-in visor and Ergo Dial Fit System for only $30. Bell helmets are a top choice for many cyclists looking for cheap bike helmets.

Giro indicator with 0.63lbs, 22 vents, snap-in visor and Acu Dual Fit System for only $30. Giro revel helmet is also another cheap bike helmet.

Schwinn bike helmets: If you want a cheaper and a lighter helmet, try this Schwinn helmet, the Schwinn Thrasher.

For only $23 you can have a helmet that weighs o.5lbs, having 21 vents, visor and a Dual Fit Fit System. Take a pick now!

Which one is the most popular? The bell cycling helmets are!

Best Road Bike Helmet Under $100

Got a higher budget than $50 but not more than $100?

Then let us take a peek on the top 3 best bike helmets under 100. Since your budget has increased, the helmet that you would want to buy has to have better features than those helmets that cost less than $50.

Here are some options that you might consider as well.

The giros savant road bike helmet offers a Roc Loc 5 Fit System, 25 vents, in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner, weighs 256 grams and comes in different colors for only $63-$100.

You can also try Fox Flux Helmet with 20 large vents, removable visor, deep rear EPS profile and has passed tests standards such as the CPSC.

Don’t waste your $100 buying helmets that are not safe to use and offer poor protection.

Cheapest but good quality bike helmet

If you are really out of budget, you are probably looking for the cheapest but good quality bike helmet. You’re lucky if you happen to come across with a good quality helmet on sale! But if it’s a no sale day, then you have to look up for cheap helmets, which would still depend on how you define cheap.

You might consider a helmet cheap if its price only ranges from $30-$50. There are those who want a helmet that only costs for around $15-25.

First let’s have Giro Transfer that you can buy for only $35 at It’s actually quite popular because of its great features and not so expensive price. Just like expensive helmets, it has great ventilation, 20 vents to be specific. It also has a stylish design that a rider wouldn’t worry of wearing it while on the go. It has Acu Dial Fit System and an in-mold construction which is responsible for its light weight. The important thing, it has passed the EN1078 safety certification.

If you are still studying, but likes cycling, you can actually start saving your allowance. A helmet that can fit your budget is Razor V17 Youth Helmet for only $12-$15, which you can buy at and It’s stylish and has 17 vents and meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards.

However, if you don’t care too much about its feature or the safety that it could offer, helmets with a price of around $10 are also available.

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