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Published on June 9th, 2016 | by Hamish


Bicycle Helmets for Racing

If you not only use your bike for commute and you are after bike racing, then your helmet needs to be sturdier and tougher. Here are your best options for best bike helmets for racing.

Las Victory Limited is recommended for you if you have a higher budget, most likely to be around $225. It might come with an expensive price but its covering is made of high-coverage hard shell. Its strap materials, including buckles, clasps and pads are also hard, tough and not easy to break. In short, Las Victory Limited is highly constructed. This helmet is also adjustable and easily fits the user’s head. It is also competitive in terms of ventilation as it has 25 vents to keep you cool. A large size of the Las Victory Limited weighs 275g. Start saving now, and try this awesome helmet.

Next is Bontrager Circuit. It’s a lot cheaper compared to Las Victory but it also offers a tough shell. It allows enough airflow to the rider’s head with its 21 vents. It is, however, heavier, compared to Las Victory Limited. This helmet’s large size weighs 292g. With its extended hard shell up to the EPS core, the biker has the lesser chance of receiving a great impact from an accident. It has passed the CE and CPSC Adult safety approval. Moreover, if bought from authorised dealers, it comes with a crash replacement guarantee for the first year of ownership. This helmet can be availed with an amount of $112.

For best bike helmet for racing that is also considered to be the best budget helmet is the Giro Savant Helmet. It’s just $10 lower than the Bontrager Circuit. With its affordable price it can provide features such as ventilation and Roc Loc retention system. It has 26 vents and weighs 260g for a large size helmet. It doesn’t only offer good features but it has also a cool design. If you plan of bike racing and you only have a budget of $100, then Giro Savant is just right for you. With this cool and comfortable helmet, your $100 is well spent.

Now, have you chosen the bicycle helmet that you would like to have? If not, and if you are still looking for the right helmet, then you should know on what are the things to look for. First is the safety that it can provide since that’s the purpose of wearing one. It should pass the safety standard. Second, the helmet’s fitting. You have to make sure that the helmet fits your head well to avoid feeling uneasy because it’s too tight or loose. Next is the helmet’s features. Does it have a visor to shade you from the sun, adjustments or enough ventilation? What about the budget that you can allot to buy a helmet? Is it enough to buy a decent helmet? And lastly, are you comfortable wearing your appearance in public, not worrying about how it looks on your head? Before buying a helmet, think of these things and you are good to go in choosing your best bicycle helmet!

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