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Best Girls Bikes

Children’s bikes; there are so many different styles (including kids mountain bikes, kids dirt bikes, kids road bikes, kids bmx bike), sizes (12 girls bike, 24 bike a.k.a 24 girls bike), materials and accessories that they come with now, it’s kinda confusing and overwhelming when you are looking to buy the best and safest bike for your growing children, from toddler bikes to young girls bicycles. And take note, finding a boys bike is easier than finding a girls bike but girls like to ride too so it’s a must that we need to teach our girls how to ride!

One thing is for sure, although it may seem overwhelming, once you start looking around, finding a pretty girls bike is easy, but we must also consider safety. Making sure the kids bike you choose is the right size is going to make a huge  difference in how your child learns to ride and the safety of the bike in itself. Helmets and pads are there in case of a fall over, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prevent them.

With bicycle size and safety in mind, let’s take a look at the best and safest girls bikes available today based on the best selling girls bicycles, most popular girls bikes and top rated by customer reviews and ratings.

I will also point out what are the best bikes for kids age 8 and best bike for kids aged 11 and also some cheap kids bikes that are affordable options but also provide excellent safety if your on a tight budget or need to buy multiple bikes for many children.

Each of the bikes below is available in a variety of sizes. Also you will notice that each brand usually excel in making a range of sizes, either more for toddlers or more for older children, hence why we have included a few different brands of girls bikes for variety. What you can guarantee from this list is that you will be buying one of the safest bikes for your child and also a bike that is renowned to be good quality and last the test of time.


Top 5 Girls Bikes

Bike Sizing – The below bikes come in a range of sizes and colors, select the bike to get more information.

1. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess Bike

Titan-Girls-BikeRated: 4.4 out of 5 stars

The Titan Girls Bike is a more specialized kids bike, it’s the only girls bicycle that comes with a doll seat, basket, streamers, and training wheels.

This 16 inch girls bike is very pretty, and it’s just the right size for girls around 4-8 years old, especially if they need to learn how to ride (it’s actually rated exactly for this reason that many parents purchase this bike, the training wheels are attached and its a sturdy bike for exactly that, learning how to ride.

This Titan girls bike is actually a BMX girls bike with a pink and white frame and beautiful purple tires! As this is highly recommended as a first bicycle, it is made with safety in mind and for under $100 it’s pretty good value for money, it’s something you don’t need to break to the bank in order to make your daughter happy.

The best part (for parents) about buying this girls bike is that there is barely any assembly required, it comes about 80-85% done, so you only have a little bit of assembly to do (which is not that difficult at all), so don’t fear buying online that it is difficult to assemble yourself because it’s not at all.

The chain is covered, the handlebars are padded and of course, included are training wheels for a young learner. The bike is mostly assembled leaving only a little bit for mom and dad to do.  We’ve featured this Girls Flower Princess as it’s the best girls bike made by Titan. Read More > ..

2. Mongoose Lark Girls’ Bike

Mongoose-Girls-BikeRated: 3.9 out of 5 stars

This Mongoose Lark is a pretty BMX style bike for girls around ages 6 to 9 years old, it is classified under the ’18 inch girls bikes’. It’s another excellent bike for your daughter if she is learning how to ride as it comes ready and equipped with training wheels (so no extra hassle buying and assembling them yourself).

Another feature many parents comment about is that this bike has more of a low set frame than other bikes. This means that it can be easier for your daughter to get on and off the bike easier, rather than nearly falling off it as she gets on and off.

This pink and black beauty will call plenty of attention to itself. It features a low style frame for the young rider to get on and off, 48 spoke colored wheels on the 18 inch tires and comes with safety pads, an MX number plate and training wheels.

The chain is covered for safety and the handlebars are padded. The bicycle seat is adjustable to grow along with the child and it comes with coaster brakes as well as caliper brakes on the handles.

The pretty and fun plum design is throughout the bike, including the seat and carries over to the safety padding as well. We’ve included this Lark Girls bike as it’s best Mongoose girls bike available. Read More > ..

3. Razor Girl’s Angel Bike

Razor-Girls-Angel-BikeRated: 3.9 out of 5 stars 

Pretty in pink this girls bike is a favorite among some of the older girls and personally one of my favorites as a parent. If you older daughter doesn’t like this bike, I am not sure what will? It ticks all the boxes.

It has 20 inch rims and 48 spokes on the tires, it’s a bigger sized bike (bigger than the previous two bikes that we have spoken about thus far) and it’s a bike that is begging to be ridden. This 20 inch girls bike also has 2 front pegs for your pretty little trickster.

With more of a neutral look, it is plain white with some bits of pink and black throughout, so it appeals to the older children that are growing out of the girly pink look.

The seat is adjustable to grow with her and there are front and rear handbrakes for safety. It also features a steel frame and fork, this bike is strong and dependable.

Parents like that this safe girls bike is easy to put together, it comes in one big box and only the wheels and pegs need put on. That means you can quickly have your lady on the road, she’ll be so happy. The Angel bike is featured here as it’s the best of the Razor brand, a good value and solidly made bike which has excellent safety record. Read More > ..

4. Dynacraft Magna Starburst Bike

Dynacraft-Girls-BikeRated: 4.2 out of 5 stars 

This Dynacraft girls bike makes this list as its a 16 inch girls bike in pink, purple and white that is super easy to assemble for parents, just like I mentioned with the Titan Girls Bike (#1 girls bike), this is another bike that is super easy for you to assemble, so don’t worry about buying it and stressing about assembling it yourself as it’s super simple.

The Dynacraft Magna Starburst bike could be a toddler bike for the tall 3 year old, but is recommended for girls aged 4-8.

It has a coaster brake and training wheels so it’s one of the best bikes for kids to learn to ride, there’s no worries about teaching the handbrake as well. They can simply pedal backwards to slow down or stop.

The chain is covered and the handlebar is padded for added safety and the deluxe paint job on this bike really makes it stand out among the rest. This is the best girls bike from the Dynacraft brand. Read More > ..

5. Kent Girls Spoiler Bike

Kent-Girls-BikeRated: 4.1 out of 5 stars 

Buy Now

Let me just begin by telling you, this list of the Top 5 bikes is a difficult one because it’s hard to put a bike that is generally really good at #5. Hence, why it’s difficult for me to say that this is a bike that is worse than any of the others, because it’s not. It is as equally as good.

My cousin recently purchased this bike for her daughter and both mother and daughter love the bike. I mean, what kid wouldn’t love this bike – it comes with absolutely everything?!

This Kent girls bike is a favorite for its pretty streamers and carry bag as well as its vibrant colors, a sure winner as a girls gift, birthday or Christmas present.

It also features both a hand brake and coaster brakes for the choice of comfort with the child. It’s adjustable and is the perfect in between size for your child. The handlebars are notably easy to reach making for added comfort and control of the bicycle.

Another nice feature is the comfort padded seat, no pain in the rear with this one, so she can feel free to ride as long as her heart desires; or until mom says to come in. This Girls Spoiler bike is the best girls Kent bicycle currently on the market.


All these girl bicycles above are ranked as the safest bicycles for girls on the market. If none of these bikes will suit your young daughter’s style, check out many other popular girls bikes here. Read More > ..

Girls Bike Sizing

You will find the chart below helpful in determining an approximate sized kids bicycle for toddlers to young children. When you are looking to buy a kids bicycle you will see different sizes and terms such as ’12 girls bike’, ’18 girls bike’ etc etc. If you are not sure what girls bike size you are looking for, here is a little help…

A ’12 girls bike’ basically means a 12 inch girls bike, which according to the kids bike sizing chart below is the best girls bicycle and toddler bicycle between the ages of 2-5 and height of between 26-34 inches tall.

Furthermore, an ’18 girls bike’ refers to a 18 inch girls bike which is the best bicycle for a girl between 6-9 years old who is approximately 42-48 inches in height. So, FYI – if you are looking at buying a toddler bicycle, be sure to look at 12 inch bikes.

These are approximations only that are used as a general guide when buying a girls bike. These terminologies below will help you determine what bike to buy.

Child’s Age Child’s Height Tire Size
2-5 26-34 inches 12 inches
4-8 34-42 inches 16 inches
6-9 42-48 inches 18 inches
8-12 48-56 inches 20 inches

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