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Published on February 26th, 2016 | by Hamish


Best Cyling Helmets for Men and Women

When buying a helmet, of course a consumer would always want the best bicycle helmet. That would depend on your taste. What might be the best helmet for you could be the worst helmet to others. It has also something to do with the features that you like the most. If you are the type of rider who cares about appearance and who wants to arrive in style you can check out POC Octal, Life beam/Lazer Smart, Smith Forefront and Rudy Project Wing57, that would still depend on your preferred style. Aside from materials, some also consider a bicycle helmet best if, it promises ventilation, allowing the cyclists to feel the cool air on their head while on the road. If you are into the ease of access, then back riding helmets with the Roc Loc fit system and adjustable straps and visor are just for you, Giro Savant for example.

Best Lightweight Helmet

If you’re a type of person who doesn’t enjoy biking because of the weight put on your head, probably what you wanted is the best lightweight helmet. What are the benefits of wearing light helmets? Well, aside from allowing you to move your head comfortably, it also guarantees more ventilation compared to heavy helmets. In addition, light helmets prevent sore necks. If you are serious about getting a lightweight helmet and you have a budget of $150-$250 you can check out Giro Aeon which only weighs less than 200 grams for a medium sized helmet. If your budget is less than $50, you can avail Giro Indicator. It only weighs less than 300 grams and has better features compared to helmets with the same range of price. If you want the best lightweight helmet which suits your taste, you can also check other brands aside from the mentioned above. That is, if you’re not that impressed with features and weight of the mentioned helmets.

Best Adult Road Bike Helmet

Who says cycling is only for kids and teenagers? If you’re planning to buy a helmet for your mother, father, sister and even if you are an adult yourself then there are things that you should consider before buying a helmet. Just like other helmets, a best adult road bike helmet should pass test standards, offers good ventilation and is comfy to use. This road bike helmet doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. For as low as $19 you can have Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet with offers a Dial Fit adjustable system, 21 vents, visors, and pads that keep you dry even if you’re biking under a scorching heat. You can also check out Giro Helmets as they have great helmets to offer.

Best Cycling Helmet Brands

Buyers tend to be picky, so it’s a must to know the best brands that they can choose from. This is also a fact for a helmet buyer. If you want the best helmet, then you should be updated on the best cycling helmet brands. To help you with that, let’s have a run-down on the top 2 brands of cycling helmets. Giro is the first in line. Giro is one of the leading cycling helmet brands because of its helmets impressive performance and features. It also didn’t stop in improving and innovating its helmets’ designs just to meet the consumers demand. Bell is also included, as it is known for its tough helmets to ensure safe riding. It also comes in different styles and has different features to offer.

Best Giro Helmet

Are you a fan of Giro Helmets? Then surely you only want the best! If you need a Giro Helmet badly, then you should buy the best helmet that this brand offers. Unless, you are a collector and you wanted to have all kinds of Giro Helmet. The Best Giro Helmet that you definitely want to check out is the Giro Aeon. This type of helmet promises a maximum ventilation and comfort. Who wouldn’t want the lightest Giro Helmet with 24 wind tunnel that could make a rider feel cool and light while hitting the road? With its construction, Polycarbonate shell, Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement and EPS liner, your skull is surely safe from receiving too much impact. It has also a Roc Loc 5 Fit System for a perfect fit for the user. Don’t you find that impressive? With just $150-$300, you can now buy your best Giro Helmet. Giro Aeon is also one of the most popular cycling helmets.

Best Bike Helmet for Commuting

What about the best bike helmet for commuting? Do you use your bike to commute? Cool! You’re not only helping yourself by getting a daily exercise, but you also help save the environment by not being a contributor of air pollution. Well, of course an environment saver like you deserves the best bike helmet for commuting! If you are looking for a well-ventilated, lightweight, safe and comfortable to use type of helmet that will not make you look like a dork, you can check Cannondale Ryker Helmet. If you have around $80, then you can avail this cool and best bike helmet that you can wear every day without experiencing any inconvenience.

Mountain Bike Helmet

If you plan to have a mountain biking activity, you have to buy a mountain bike helmet before going to such adventure. Hitting the mountain with your bike isn’t a joke. With its rocky terrain, even an expert biker has a chance of falling and hurting himself. I’m not wishing you to fall and hit your head. I just want you to realize that the type of helmet and the materials matter. A helmet, made of sturdy material lessens your chance of getting hurt badly. Knowing is different from owning. So, if you are the type of person who likes hitting a rough terrain, then you might as well consider of buying a mountain bike helmet. A full face mountain bike helmet is actually recommended for additional protection of that face and the back of the head of yours. Check also if the products have passed the Consumer Protection Safety Commission. This type of helmet comes with a price though. If you have $100-$500, then you can choose from Troy Lee Designs, Bell and Giro brands of mountain bike helmet.

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