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Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Hamish


Beginner Cyclist Tips

Looking for a sport that can improve your health and physique, lets you breath in fresh air while enjoying the sceneries? Search no more because cycling is the deal!

CyclingIn cycling, basically all you need is a bike! However, it would always be best to wear the right attire and put on some protective clothing and safety equipment. Cycling is suitable for all ages so hop on to that bicycle and start paddling your way off to a healthier you!

Cycling does not only serves as a cardiovascular exercise and strengthens your heart and lungs but it also raises your metabolic rate hence losing the right amount of weight. Studies also say that biking to work can minimize stress levels and therefore is good for the psychological well-being of a person, those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or those times when you just need some fresh air, now you know how to deal with them.

So cycling isn’t really just about balance and coordination! It’s about keeping you healthy from head to toe all day long! But there’s more! Biking transforms you to becoming a more responsible citizen by being eco-friendly. No car pollution!

Now, time to choose the right bike for you.

Cruiser-BikesFor beginners, start off with bikes intended for basic use. Two kinds of bikes fall into this category, the leisure bikes (cruiser) and the road bikes. As a rule of thumb in any fitness activity, don’t push yourself to the limit immediately. Take it easy, learn how to balance and coordinate at the same time enjoy the ride.

When it comes to kids bikes, you need to find the right size for your children, refer to our best bikes for girls and best bikes for boys to find out more.

It’s also your perfect chance to own a retro bicycle like you always see on TV. If you often want to cycle with your family during the weekends then a leisure bike (cruiser) is the right one for you. If you want a bike with more power and ease and want to start riding more often, opt for a road bike.

Adult-BikesFor the tough ones who live for adventure, buy yourself an road bike. Definitely an all-around bicycle that allows you to roam around the city, commute to work, drop by your favorite coffee shops or wander more and takes you to the trails and farmlands. Always keep in mind that the tougher and rougher the activities, the more prepared you should be. There should be no room risking your health, remember the goal is to be healthy and happy!

Moving on, let us talk about safety and protection because we want you to ride smoothly!

Let’s start from the head, helmets! A lot of people refuse to wear helmets because truth be told they don’t look as appealing as one of those summer hats!

Cycling-AttireGloves! Not to keep your hands clean but to protect them from the handle bars of the bicycle. Grasping too long and too hard can damage the skin on the palms of your hands resulting to peeling and rashes. Also they keep you warm especially during winter time.

Proper clothing. Especially if you’re into a rougher ride. Flowing pants or hanging ties can get into your tires and may cause accidents. So wear the right set of clothing intended for cycling.

Body Armor. You may not look so macho or dazzling wearing them but safety first! You don’t want a broken bone just because you fell of your bicycle after two drivers have gotten you confused nor do you want broken vertebrae after falling on your back.

Lights! Lights! Lights! If you’re out on the road in the dark you would want to be visible to other drivers! Let your existence be felt to achieve a harmonious road relationship. Read more of what you need to buy start cycling here.

However, the most important among them all is presence of mind. Always be conscious and aware of your surroundings. Any form of activity in the road is very strenuous hence keeping yourself alert at all times is more than essential and crucial. Know basic road rules, lane rules and keep them in your mind once you hop on and cycle your way to health and happiness!

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Hi I'm Hamish, the chief writer (and rider!) around here. From six years old, receiving my first bike as a present, my love for riding started and never stopped. Now as a family man, I enjoy riding with my family and also going out with friends mountain biking and cycling. Remember one thing, choose the bike that reflects your personality and it will change your life!

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