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Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Hamish


Amazing Bikes You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

So you are a cycling enthusiast, you clearly know how to ride that bike and you can get your way around the city happily and freely! How about daring yourself to venture into other areas in bicycling!

I thought today we would have a bit of fun when talking about cycling so let’s talk about 4 uniquely designed bicycles which are hot in the market or are simply eye catching!


Electric-BikeHaving technology as part of our daily lives, who would have thought that even our bicycles would sound too techy! From E-mail to E-learning, now we have the E-bike! E-bike also known as an Electric Bike that is a bicycle powered by an electric motor which can be used for propulsion.

An Electric Bike is basically a normal regular bicycle -which you use to commute daily to work or to get some fruits at the shop, have a fun time around the city or off to the farmlands -but with power, no need to pedal so hard with all your legs might!

The electric motor helps you as you conquer the uphill and downhill of the road. It eases the process of escalating and deescalating taking away a lot of extra force from your legs and feet. The speed of the E-bikes starts from 24 km/h and can go up to 32 km/h depending on the country’s rules and regulations.

And I guess, you wouldn’t expect them to be cheap but I guess you can snap some up pretty relatively affordable also. Prices are a little more expensive than the regular manual bicycles; but there’s good news, you can also get one that is quite a good price too. The Currie electric bike in the picture is the most popular and best selling electric bike on the market right now so if your interested, check it out.

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Portable / Folding Bicycle

Foldable-Portable-BikeYes, because we all have too much in our hands that we want to carry everything in one go. Before you start questioning how it is possible, let us explain to you how it becomes portable.

The bicycle can be dismantled and folded in specific manners to achieve a carry-on bike! Therefore it’s also called a Foldable Bike. One of the popular portable bike manufacturers is this bike shown in the picture here.

It can be folded small for easy storage and carrying. Isn’t that handy? But as they all say, you pay for comfort. Surprisingly you don’t have to pay too much for it being compact! I was surprised how cheap and affordable they really are.

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Sideways Bike


If you want to ride around your bicycle and turn heads, the Sideways bike patented by Michael Killian could perhaps be what you’re looking for! Mind-boggling as it sounds, the Sideways bike is literally positioned sideways.

The rider controls direction by navigating the front and back handlebars. As fun as it sounds, the Sideways bike requires the rider to have excellent balance and coordination. Just image yourself walking sideways, yes, isn’t that awkward enough?

Although this could be good during traffic as you can quickly swift your way through, riding this bike would still need full presence of mind especially with your surroundings. It could also be difficult turning to different directions as the curve is limited. Riding this bike needs a lot of getting used to. And please, this is not the one for your parents or grandparents! Reserve this for yourself and your young and bold friends! Not sure where you can get one or even if they are really that handy but all in all, a great thing to write about today and to be included as a unique bicycle you’ve probably never seen.

Tandem Bicycle

Tandem-BikeLet us not leave out the couples, albeit not new to the ears the Tandem Bicycle is still considered unique not only because it looks strangely long but because it requires a tandem for it to run, oh sweetness overload!

However there is a more heart-warming reason for us to love the Tandem Bicycle. Tandem Bicycles are actually used in Paralympics with blind or visually impaired back riders and a fully sighted teammate to guide the path or routes. But wait, it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Although not a necessity for fun rides, for faster speed and lighter weight both riders must be pedaling for synchronization. It’s not just about having a driver in the front seat and you enjoy the ride in the passenger’s seat, you both have to work to make that thing run! Again, when I started looking into the top and best of tandem bikes, I was surprised at their affordable prices.

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Whichever unique bicycle you want to try out next, always remember to wear protective clothing, safety equipment and ensure you have all the bike gear necessary! Also, before trying out some stunts make sure to have practiced and mastered the basics such as balance and coordination as well as breaking or stopping the bicycle. The most important point to remember is to always have presence of mind anywhere you use the bicycle.

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Hi I'm Hamish, the chief writer (and rider!) around here. From six years old, receiving my first bike as a present, my love for riding started and never stopped. Now as a family man, I enjoy riding with my family and also going out with friends mountain biking and cycling. Remember one thing, choose the bike that reflects your personality and it will change your life!

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