About Hamish

Hello, my name is Hamish and before I tell you anything about myself I want to write one word… “bike”.

Most of you may think “What is he saying? I don’t understand what he is trying to tell me!”. But, this is the truth, my world revolves around cycling.

In my free time I love going cycling, road biking and mountain biking. I also use bikes for my full-time job. That’s because I have this site that you are reading right now, BikingAdvice.net.

I don’t wake up every morning like most people do, thinking “Ohh, damn. I have to work today”, I wake up and I’m thinking “This is a good day for giving the cycling enthusiasts what they love!”.

I fell in love with this cycling thing when I was six years old and my parents bought me my first bike. It was a Schwinn Bicycle and it became my best friend. After I grew up I joined a club for cycling lovers and I also started mountain biking. The best thing about mountain biking is the fact that you feel like you’re always on an adventure.

I have kids now and every weekend, my family and I go mountain biking. It’s time to spend with the family and to also get out in the fresh air and a great form of exercise. It’s a healthy hobby and sport that I can share with my family. That makes me so happy!

So, get yourself a bike. Choose the bike that reflects your personality and it will change your life!

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